Count On Your Calories To Lose Weight Fast

Lose  Weight Fast

A good proportion of calories intake is very necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Many people fail here as they think that cutting off calories will help to reduce weight, however, check and balance can help. If you exceed the limits of daily intake of your calories, it can bring a great deal of harm to your health Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep a regular check on your calories intake so that you lose weight fast in a healthy way.

A healthy lifestyle is always one of the top most priorities for a person who is determined and dedicated to lead a life very few people had and also to fulfill the responsibilities like on one’s shoulders.

Calories in excess, is one of the biggest enemies of health. If you don’t keep count on your calories intake, you will likely to gain more weight easily.

There are lots of ways to keep a good check and balance. Various applications and pages on social media are doing a great job to help people by providing constant guidance throughout their journey of weight loss. Downloading such apps will be very helpful as they give you a complete and perfect count of calories required to be taken every day.

Once you learn how and what, you will be able to get ideas of what to eat at your own. People on social media are also a good option as they can be contacted in person for one on one discussion.

However, there are certain things that we would like to draw your attention at. The first and the most important thing to know is we all belong to a different category as per our body structure.

What worked for one may not work for you just because of this very same reason? You must be surprised to know that even workout plans varies depending on what your body type is.

Before digging out about your body type, we want to change the notion of excluding the intake of calories entirely. There is a fix number to take in the calories every day. It can vary though, based on your type of body.

As per your structure, your body is divided in three main categories:

1.       Endomorph

2.       Mesomorph

3.       Ectomorph


·         ENDOMORPH:

People with narrow hips and clavicles, small joints and thinner skeletal structure belong to this category. For this, excessive calories intake is not an issue. Nor they need to worry to burn them on daily basis as their metabolism works enough for them. However, to keep yourself light and relieved, two or three days in a week can go with lesser intake of calories.

·         MESOMORPH:

Those with strong muscular look and broad shoulders fall in this category. Here it is very important to keep a close eye on what you eat as they need more protein based food than those based on more carbs.

A good proportion of diet with all the necessary intakes can help to lose weight fast in a healthy way otherwise it can be big damage to the health. Here keeping a check on the number of calories to be burnt is also very important.

The normal range of intake is 1000 to 12000 calories and 500 –700 calories to be burnt every day is suggested. However, you should look into your medical history as well before setting up the everyday target.



The check and balance for the people belonging to this category is a struggle for real. They are the ones who complained about the rapid weight gain due to highest tendency to gain it. Their metabolism needs external support at times.

People who have heavy abdominal looks and broad structure of bones are Ectomorph. To lose weight fast they need to keep their calories intake under 1000 per day and make sure to burn a good amount almost five days a week. Without burning off the calories, it is extremely difficult for them to achieve their targeted weight.

Besides all what is mentioned, it is highly recommended to look into your medical history before jumping in any sort of regime to lose weight fast.

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